Monday, July 9, 2012

the grands

i got married the same year my parents divorced.
it was a bittersweet, joyous, sad and confusing time.
shortly after returning from our honeymoon, i remember being out to dinner with dan.
there was a young couple, a few years older than us, sitting nearby.
with their parents.
and their baby.
and i stared at this happy, extended family.
and i burst into tears.
right in the middle of firebirds.
i remember saying, "that will never happen for us."
i clearly remember remarking on how "our kids will never have that kind of memory."
but, i was wrong.
i was so very wrong.


it's been almost 8 years since my parents' divorce was finalized.
and when i see the two of them together, jointly loving on sydney and ben,
the past put aside, peacefully co-existing in the same place,
creating happy memories for my children,
memories that i, never in my wildest dreams, thought my kids would have . . .
man . . . this oldest daughter, who took her parents' separation pretty badly,
this daughter's heart overwhelms with love and gratitude.
for her parents and the things they do
because they love her.


our happy, family weekend took place because daddy went to austin for a bachelor party.
and mommy called for reinforcements.
bop had to work; pop was on board.
but then bop didn't have to work anymore . . . so, surprise, she hitched a ride down with pop!
there were lots of smiles that weekend.
grand smiles.
when boppy surprised sydney and ben after quiet-time.
when syd gave pop his very special father's day gift - the pop's book, 2007-2012 edition.

check it out here . . .


there were smiles while we played in the backyard.


there were smiles at our saturday morning gymnastics class.
there were smiles during our toys 'r us outing.
there were smiles posing for family pictures on our way to dinner.


super happy, i love my grandparents, smiles!


sunday rolled around and, of course, we smiled some more.
that morning at the pool, while syd showed us backflips.
and that afternoon, at the ballpark.


it was the highlight of the weekend.
something i knew my father, a die-hard yankees fan, would simply love.


as always, ben wore his beloved "go yankees!" hat.


there were ballpark franks and cotton candy.


and, of course, more super cheesy smiles.


and there were memories made.
grand memories made for two little kids.
who don't know anything about divorce or separation.
who just know that their grands love them . . .
a whole lot.



Lindsay said...

What a special weekend!! So glad you are able to have those wonderful moments and that your kids have to wonderful grandparents that love them!

Mandy said...

What a sweet posting! I can so appreciate this since my parents are also divorced. Love that it was such a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful... Just beautiful and the book is a tear jerker! My parents separated and later divorced and they 'try' in front of us all.... I understand.

amanda said...

oh this post makes me so happy. heart over-flowing happy!! such beautiful memories friend!!

ps - sorry i have been away so long, hoping to get all caught up soon!!


Clare said...

family isn't always what we expect it to be (or think it should be). i love that your parents spend time together for you and for your children. such a wonderful thing!!

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